2. Introduction

Some Zichys might have made a contribution to the development of Hungary, the Catholic Church and mankind in general. However, the reason for compiling this manual is not to underline merits, fame and past glory. Glory seems to be over these days, anyhow. But in the diaspora the family lives in today, it might be useful, - at least for family members, if not for the historians, - to have a sort of Zichy family guide at hand. So, this manual is mainly for this purpose: to keep the family together and to serve as authentic source of information.

As we have nothing to pretend to ourselves, this compilation is based strictly on facts, and once our manual has taken a basic shape, - and you, family members, all will contribute to enriching the records, - adherence to facts and truth has to remain the guiding principle of this manual throughout.

Your suggestions regarding form and content of this manual and relevant information material for it is to be sent to me by e-mail ( zichy@gmx.at ), for the time being. Later we jointly decide, how to continue the updating and editing; I won’t be able to continue for long.

This manual will be made available to everyone on the website: www.zichyfamily.com.

All are invited to contribute to enriching it.

The United Nations (I served for many years) do not tolerate any titles neither on descendence, nor on status nor on educational grounds, because, who can say, for instance, whether a doctor degree in one country, let us say Zambia, is really equivalent to a doctor degree earned in another country, for example in Norway. So, better to avoid titles, except the functional ones. I found this approach very reasonable and suggest, we stick - except in the historical part - to the same principle here.